Alchemy is the ancient art of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. At Lieben Gin we take the gifts of nature and extract it’s flavours through a delicate distillation process to bring their beautiful aromas to your glass.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor is a British picking rhyme from the 15th century. All our gins are exceptionally smooth sipping gins and bring to life a G&T and cocktails... just pick one.


classic dry

Lieben Tinker is masterfully crafted in the traditional juniper forward London Dry style. Bold, complex and aromatic. Distilled with 16 unique botanicals to create an elegant classic gin with layers of flavor and fragrances released with every sip.

Ripe juniper driven aroma with delicate lemon peel and sweet orange top notes. A fine floral scented mid palate with a lingering fresh herbaceous warm woody spice finish.

R 390 ,00


cape fynbos

Lieben Tailor captures the distinctive aromatics of the Cape Fynbos Biome, the smallest Floral Kingdom in the world. A luxury gin distilled with 21 unique botanicals including fresh fynbos hand-picked from the Mountain slopes.

Fresh Cape Mountain Fynbos and juniper driven aroma with hints of honey, melon and tropical aromas. Fresh herbaceous fynbos on the palate with underlying floral and grassy notes. As warm woody finish layered with fynbos perfumes, soft spice and subtle lemon peel undertones.

R 390 ,00


rose pelargonium

Lieben Soldier is an aromatic rose-scented floral gin layered with perfumes of sweet citrus blossom and warm spicy notes. Distilled with 20 unique botanicals into the perfect floral gin, elegant and unforgetable.

Lieben Soldier is an aromatic rose-scented floral gin with an intense juniper backbone supported by sweet citrus blossom and warm woody spice notes. Turkish delight sweetness with a hint of fresh spearmint on the palate. A lingering aromatic rose and light black pepper finish.

R 390 ,00


lemon & lime

Lieben Sailor is a vibrant contemporary gin, abundantly lemon and lime scented with a soft spicy undertone. Distilled with 18 unique botanicals to combine all the classic flavours of gin with a strong green citrus finish.

Lieben Sailor is a vibrant gin, abundantly lemon and lime scented with a soft spicy juniper undertone. It offers an intense lemon drop driven aroma with a solid sweet orange and lemon backbone. Fresh lemongrass and green herbs on the palate with an elegant integrated slightly minty sweet citrus and black pepper finish

R 390 ,00


limited edition (sold out)

Lieben Spy is a rich and aromatic spice driven black gin that turns a magical colour when mixed with tonic. Distilled with 30 unique botanicals including dried clove flower buds, Tuscan juniper, whole black peppercorns and cardamom. If you like your gin with spicy warmth, extreme complexity and robust flavours, you won’t be disappointed.

Lieben Spy is a rich and aromatic gin with warm spice and juniper driven aromas, peppery cinnamon, dried clove flower buds and delicate lemon peel top notes. A fine cardamom, black peppercorn & orange peel scented mid palate with a lingering structured warm woody finish.

R 450 ,00


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